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Volunteering at Berries on Bryan Station is a great way to physically support our CSA! It's also a lot of fun and terrific exercise and a great way to learn about the food we eat and how it's best grown - organically!

All members are encouraged to join us when they can. Below is one members' story. Please share yours with us too!

A Personal Perspective
by Bekki Woloch

When I became a member of Berries on Bryan Station last year, I knew I’d be getting fresh, organic, locally-grown produce. What I didn’t expect was to find that Berries would feel like a second home and the folks there would feel like family.

I will never forget my first visit when Grant welcomed me saying: “Would you care for a delicious cup of lemonade with a fresh sprig of organic mint?” I was hooked by that alone.  As the season grew to a close last fall I had the pleasure (as all members do!) of sharing stories and talking shop with Erik, Gayle, Grant and Brett. We began making plans for me to use my web skills to update the website and to add new content (like the recipes pages!) and discussed going “paperless” with the weekly newsletters in an effort to show true stewardship of our environment.

This Spring, what began as carpooling with Sarah (whose family became CSA members) soon turned into a weekly adventure with a car full of young people to work, share stories, soak up the sun (and rain) and learn about organic farming together. While we most always leave Berries worn-out and dirty, the drive home is filled with laughter and recounting the days events: Grant reading aloud to us about the newly harvested “fennel” (using his moms herb book); the 16 pound basket of peapods Brett picked; Gayle demonstrating how to cut rhubarb; and Erik’s incredible patience, knowledge and exuberance in teaching us why it matters so very much to “go forth and be healthy.”

We have enjoyed getting to know some of the many “regulars” both volunteers and hired helpers. New connections have been made among the young people between each other and the environment and I could not imagine a better way to spend Wednesday afternoons than being a part of it all.

I highly recommend that every member spend a few hours (or a few dozen hours) volunteering at Berries this summer and fall. As unfathomable as it may seem, the delicious produce tastes even better when you’ve helped harvest it!  And the experience is even more fun with a car full of friends and family.

Thank you Walles family for helping us “grow” together. <3




Would you like to share your own "Berries Experience" with us? Please email your story
to Erik and we'll post it on the website!


4744 Bryan Station, Lexington, KY