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We currently deliver fresh strawberries to a large hospital.  They fed all of their patients and staff fresh strawberry shortcake for two days in 2008.  We also delivered fresh red, golden, and strawberry red raspberries to a country club and to several high-end restaurants on a regular basis from July through October 2008. 

Our heirloom tomatoes and multi-colored and shaped peppers are also popular.  We provided 100 percent of fresh okra requirements to a local multi location family restaurant.  We are currently working with a specialty produce distributor who will make weekly pickups from our farm and distribute our berries and vegetables in Kentucky and Tennessee. 

We sell freshly picked ruby, white and rainbow swiss chard from our greenhouse throughout the year, including late Fall and early Spring months.  We are competitive in pricing with a major local produce distributor and will work with you on this so that it is a win-win proposition for both of us.  We have lots of eager and willing labor to harvest berries and vegetables for you on short notice.  Please contact us if you are interested.

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